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Performance Coatings:
Proofing, Prevention, Preservative.

nanoShell protective coatings are formulated using revolutionary scientific advances in nanotechnology.

As protective coatings specialists, we work with a wide range of businesses throughout the UK to bring our nano coatings to businesses and homeowners alike. The benefits of our performance coatings are great, saving people time, effort and energy. 

Approved Agents: 
nanoShell Protective Coatings

Cook Group Ltd - Damp Proofing and Timber Treatment
Cook Group are approved agents for nanoShell's range of high performance coatings and cover the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire areas.

Eco Environmental Services Ltd - Bird Control Specialists
Eco Environmental is one of the UK's largest specialist bird control companies. Eco specialise in bird deterrent systems, providing discrete bird scarers, bird wires, seagull deterrets, pigeon deterrents and more which are sensitive to the aesthetics and construction of each individual building.

Yorkshire Dampcourse & Wall Ties
YDCWT are based in Leeds and are approved agents for nanoShell's range of protective coatings covering the whole of Yorkshire. Their specialities are damp-proofing, flood/water damage remediation, timber treatment and repacement and much more.


Our Suppliers

Ampulla – plastic, glass and aluminium packaging suppliers
The purpose of Ampulla is to allow the general public and small businesses access to our extensive range of plastic, glass and aluminium storage containers, packaging, bottles, buckets, jars and accessories.

Our Protective Nano Coatings



At nanoShell we believe in creating better future environments with surfaces that perform better for longer without losing any cosmetic appearance.
Jonathan Abdilla – Managing Director - nanoShell



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nanoShell cannot guarantee results as we have no control over the conditions under which our products are applied.