Sustainable Nano Coatings

Sustainability and Performance of nanoShell Protective Coatings

Its simple, the most sustainable environments are the ones that have surfaces that don’t demand constant maintenance.

nanoShell’s approach to creating a sustainable future environment is ground breaking. By providing a revolutionary nano coating and impregnation based protection that performs for far longer than traditional toxic coatings, the energy required to apply them frequently and the wastage involved in this continual treatment is eliminated.

Saving waste within our environment is paramount - be it from the chemicals used, energy expended to apply them and time, effort and money involved to frequently maintain and undertake them.

nanoShell’s performance coatings and surface protection results are matched by no other product on the market.

From Flood Protection and Stone Impregnation to Self-Cleaning Glass

Application of the nano coatings is easy and problem free as the product is applied using simple delivery methods such as brushing or rollering on. Normally, only a single application is required on new surfaces to provide ultimate protection and waterproofing. More weathered surfaces may require a second application, however the simple process is repeated efficiently.

Historically, regular and annual maintenance of timber doors, windows and cladding has been the norm, the monthly waxing polishing and cleaning of your boat, car, or other vehicle, has been your routine. This is now a thing of the past when you use nanoShell High Performance Coatings. 

Have a look through our latest news for up-to-date information on our projects and the latest nanoShell protective coatings research and development !

nanoShell makes a real difference to how we live and work. Our organisation is committed to improving the performance of our clients and partners’ environments.
Jonathan Abdilla – Managing Director - nanoShell


Our Protective Nano Coatings

A new range of high performance coatings that can be applied to protect a wide variety of surfaces that make up your environment from stone to wood, metal and glass to solar panels.

Sustainable Protective Coatings

nanoShell cannot guarantee results as we have no control over the conditions under which our products are applied.