Wood Protector

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Unlike traditional stains that alter the color of the wood surface, and traditional coatings and varnishes that leave a lacquer coating on the wood surface, nanoShell Wood Protector coats and penetrates deep into the grain of the timber, enriching the grain and bringing out the natural color of the timber. Protecting for longer.
nanoShell Wood Protector is an invisible high-performance waterproofing nano impregnation that will seal and protect all forms of wood and timber. Once applied, it creates an invisible long lasting hydrophobic nano coating that will help resist water ingress and reduce staining whilst keeping the wood looking natural.
nanoShell Wood protector is also far easier to apply than traditional varnishes and stains. It can be applied by spray, brush or roller with no issues of overcoating or application, no streaks or marks, no drips. You will need around 100-200ml/m2. As it can be sprayed on it can also reach those hidden corners and joins within wooden furniture and structures.
The product is perfect to seal all types and forms of timber from timber frames to timber decking; timber fencing to wooden window frames, outdoor furniture even marine teak on boats and yachts where it is essential to protect the wood but maintaining the natural look and feel of that teak surface.
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  • Clear, colourless liquid providing an “invisible” coating and protection
  • Contains solvent to penetrate deep into the molecules and protect the timber
  • Abrasion-resistant due to the depth of penetration
  • Frost resistant
  • Can help resistant termites
  • Breathable to avoid condensation build up.


  • Is especially suited as a water and dirt-repellent protective coating of wood substrates
  • Does not significantly alter the natural timber colour and finish.
  • No lacquer or stain change
  • Generates an invisible, breathable, hydrophobic protective surface coating
  • Is supplied ready to use and easy to apply, no brush marks or over application issues
  • Helps prevent rotting
  • Helps avoid unsightly dark water streaks
  • Preserves for up to 5 years before re-application is required
  • Helps prevent the growth of microorganisms such as mould, moss and algae


nanoShell Wood Protector is used undiluted. The amount to be applied (100-200 ml/m.) 100ml for the hardest woods and up to 200ml/m2 for softer woods. In all application cases on new areas, nanoShell recommends to carry out a small initial test patch prior to the main application, this will gauge how much to use per meter square and any possible color changes or reactions as every material will be different.
nanoShell Wood Protector should be applied to the dry timber surface until the surface looks wet; a pooling should occur for a few seconds until the product is absorbed into the wood. For best results use a dipping tank to ensure enough product has penetrated the entire surface of the timber. Otherwise use brushes, rollers or a vacuum type spray container (similar to garden weed killer) to apply the product to the wood surfaces. In exposed environments a second coat can be applied, directly after then other to ensure deep penetration of the product.
After final application, the surface should be allowed to cure for a period of 6-12 hours. This can be reduced to a few hours in hotter climates and temperatures. However, this can also be dependent on the quantity of material used and the porosity of the treated wooden surface. The wood should be completely dry before application and should not get wet during application or throughout the curing process.


Hardwoods 100ml-150ml/m2 – 1 litre will protect between 6.5m2 - 10m2 of timber surface
Softwoods 150ml-200ml/m2 – 1 litre will protect between 5m2 - 6.5m2 of timber surface


Q1: How do I apply the product?
Apply direct from container using brushes, rollers, vacuum sprayers or dipping tanks
Q2: How Much do I need
About 150ml/m2 – 200ml/m2
Q3: How long does it take to cure?
Normally between 6-12 hours. However this will be reduced to as little as 2-3 hours in hotter climates and temperatures.
Q4: Is it safe to Apply?
Yes. It is as safe as traditional coatings. It is classed as hazardous so you will need safety gloves and goggles. Please read the Safety Data Sheet for full details.
Q5: Will it change the color or feel of the wood?
Not like a stain or varnish. nanoShell Wood Protector once cured is effectively an “invisible” coating will protect the wood but enrich the natural grain and shade of the wood.
Q6: Will it stop algae growth?
Yes it will help prevent algae penetrating the wood grain and therefore slow the development and spread. However it is not a miracle cure, algae will ultimately build up within shaded areas that see little sun and on horizontal surfaces. These surfaces however will be far easier to clean down over the long term once protected with nanoShell Wood Protector.
Q7: How long will it last?
In extreme locations with severe and exposed weathering, as little as a year. But far longer than a traditional lacquer, stain or oil would last. However generally the coating should perform for 3-5 years on average. Ideally we recommend applying a fresh coating once you see signs of fading and the coating wearing out; allowing the weathering in.