Stone Protector W (water based)

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nanoShell Stone Protector W has all the features of our revolutionary solvent based nanoShell Stone Protector S, but now is water based with zero VOC’s. This means the product releases zero toxins into the air and your environment making it safer to handle, apply and live with. Our water based Stone Protector is ideally suited to protect internal areas where no possible solvent release is required. It is also ideal for new build and commercial work to satisfy low VOC’s as part of the building management policy.
Once applied the molecular structure of the substrate outer later is modified to create an invisible long lasting hydrophobic barrier with breathable properties that will protect against water ingress, oils, frost damage, salt efflorescence and inhibit microorganism growth.
nanoShell Stone Protector W is easy to apply by spray, brush or roller with no issues of overcoating or application, no streaks or marks, no drips. You will need around 50ml/m2 for dense stone like granite marble and slate. For normal brick, stone, render you will need around 100ml/m2. For very porous stone like bathstone and sandstones you may need up to 200ml/m2.
nanoShell Stone Protector W is perfect to seal all types of stone and mineral surfaces, from pathways, cobbles and pavement slabs to mortar and lime render, brickwork, blockwork and stone walling. Stone cladding and parapet walling.


  • Clear colourless liquid - water based
  • Penetrates deep into the surface
  • Fully breathable to avoid condensation build up
  • Abrasion-resistant to resist wear and tear on stone surface
  • Frost resistant to prevent cracking of stone
  • Lasts up to 5 years before re-application is required
  • Resistant to oils


  • Generates an invisible breathable protective layer deep into the material to prevent water and staining entering
  • Protects from heavy soiling by preventing dirt and algae from entering the pore structure of the stone
  • Is resistant to seawater and salty air
  • Prevents freeze thaw cracking on mineral surfaces
  • Can impregnate up to a depth of 10mm
  • Can be applied in sunlight and temperatures from +5°C to +40°C
  • Is resistant to oils
  • No blocking of pores. Material still breathes
  • Is supplied ready to use and easy to apply; spray, brush or roller on
  • Is highly reactive and resistant against alkalis and salts


nanoShell Stone Protector W is used undiluted. The amount to be applied (50-200 ml/m.) depends to a large extent on how absorbent the substrate is. 
In all application cases on new areas, nanoShell recommends to carry out a small initial test patch prior to the main application, this will gauge how much to use per meter square as every material will be different and confirm no abnormal reaction or color change.
nanoShell Stone Protector W should be applied to the surface material until the surface looks wet, on horizontal surfaces, a pooling should occur. Application can also be by brush roller or vacuum sprayer. nanoShell Stone Protector W will soak into the material within a few seconds to a minute, depending on the porosity of the material. The process should be repeated immediately after (wet on wet) to ensure enough product penetrates deep into the stone. If the first coat is allowed to soak in and starts to cure then this may prevent the second coat from penetrating and there is a risk the surface will get darker as the product will collect on the top layer of the stone and be prevented from penetrating. If after a few minutes of application, pooling of product remains, for instance in hollows or dips on the surface, then it is recommended to disperse with a brush or a squeegee. Alternatively remove via absorption using paper or other towels. Pooling can cause product to crystallise on surface forming white marks.
After final application the surface should be allowed to cure for a period of 6 - 12 hours. However this can be dependent on current climate and atmospheric conditions, quantity of material used and the porosity of the treated surface. With high humidity an extension of drying time of several hours should be allowed. The following application methods are allowed. Brush on, roller on, immerse in dipping tanks or use a garden sprayer system to spray the nanoShell Stone Protector W onto larger surface areas. Significantly less product is required for dense surfaces compared to rough and porous ones. Also being denser, these materials will take longer to absorb the coating and also longer to cure; up to 24 hours. On vertical surfaces apply the coating starting from the bottom and going up. This avoids pre-treating the substrate with run-off from above that may cure and prevent the fresh coat being absorbed. A liquid film of nanoShell Stone Protector W must remain in contact with the substrate for several seconds in order to allow enough product to be absorbed. Vertical surfaces should exhibit a clear film of liquid after both coats. The application should be continuous and uninterrupted to minimise any overlapping.


nanoShell Stone Protector W is used undiluted. The amount to be applied (50-200 ml/m.) depends on how porous the stone is.
Around 50ml/m2   – 1 litre will protect around 20m2 of stone surface
Marble, Granite, Slate, Engineering Brick
Around 100ml/m2  – 1 litre will protect around 10m2 of stone surface
Common Brickwork, render and pointing
Stone walling
Around 200ml/m2 – 1 litre will protect around 5m2 of stone surface
Sandstone, Bathstone, Portland Stone


Q1: How do I apply the product?
Apply direct from container using brushes, rollers, vacuum sprayers or dipping tanks
Q2: How Much do I need?
Between 50-200ml/m2 depending on how porous the material is. See Coverage tab.
Q3: How long does it take to cure?
Normally between 6-12 hours. However this will be reduced to as little as 2-3 hours in hotter climates and temperatures.
Q4: Is it safe to Apply?
Yes. It is water based so no more dangerous than a domestic detergent. We would always recommend wearing safety goggles and gloves for extra protection. It also has 0 VOC’s making it a safe product to live with as it releases no toxins unlike traditional solvent based coatings.
Q5: Will it change the color or feel of the Stone?
No. But for safety we always recommend doing a test patch first as there is always a risk of a small color change or reaction as all stone samples will be different.
Q6: Will it stop algae growth?
Yes it will help prevent algae penetrating the stone surface and into the capillaries. However, it is not a miracle cure, algae will ultimately build up within shaded areas that see little sun and on horizontal surfaces. These surfaces however will need far less frequent cleaning and will be far easier to clean down when they do need cleaning.
Q7: How long will it last?
Up to 5 years depending on environmental conditions.