Permanent Protector

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nanoShell Permanent Protector is a revolutionary industrial grade ultra-thin (5-10µm) vitreous protection layer with a chemical bonding to the surface (covalent bonding). It produces a glass like protection layer that is bonded to the surface and is highly hydrophobic, able to resist temperatures up to 1000 °C. Permanent Protector is extremely scratch and impact resistant and not comparable with any kind of conventional coating. Permanent Protector offers protection for any kind of metal, alloy, plastic, paint and glass surface against outdoor-weathering and aggressive environmental conditions from natural extremes such as sea and salty environments to industrial extremes such as acidic and alkaline resistance. It will create a permanent hydrophobic easy to clean protective coating that can last up to 20 years.
nanoShell Permanent Protector can be highly beneficial in a vast variety of commercial applications:

  • Solar – easy clean protective coating for Solar PV & ST collectors 
  • Steel and Construction industry – protection of bridges, metal cladding, structures
  • Oil industry – protection of pipe lines, platforms, refineries 
  • Maritime/Shipping - anti fouling coating - protection above and below the water line
  • Automotive - engines, wheels, paint top coat
  • Train/Buses – protection of carriages and vehicles from dirt, graffiti etc
  • Aerospace - protection of fuselage, engines and components
  • Military – protection from corrosion and weathering on planes, tanks, boats, vehicles


  • Polymer based high performance coating with covalent bonding – incredibly strong
  • Ability to protect many different surfaces from many factors; corrosion, salt, marine growth, acids, alkalines.
  • Creates an “invisible” liquid glass like coating
  • Can be applied by hand or automated into a manufacturing process using HVLP


  • Permanent corrosion protection across a large application field
  • Chemical surface binding for an incredibly tough coating
  • Highly hydrophobic for easy clean properties and reduced stick surfaces
  • Abrasion and scratch resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Salt resistant
  • Reduced friction coating for vehicles and aircraft
  • Resistant against a large number of light acids and alkalines
  • High impact strength up to 9H hardness
  • Temperature resistant up to 1000°C
  • Functionality for up to 20 years
  • Self-levelling
  • Suitable for contact with foodstuffs
  • Minimizes the formation of micro organisms
  • Application by HVLP or polishing


nanoShell Permanent Protector is used undiluted and can be applied by spraying or by hand. The amount to be applied is 10-15 ml/m² using HVLP. Application by spraying will use at least 30-50% more due to wastage and evaporation. To determine the exact amount to be applied it is recommended to do a small test patch first.
The surfaces to be treated need to be absolutely clean, degreased, dry and free from loose particles and separating substances before treatment!  During application, the outside temperature and the temperature of the substrate should be within the range of +5 °C to +35 °C. nanoShell Permanent Protector should not come into contact with water before or during application and should not be applied if it is raining.
1.  Cleaning
Ensure the surface is clean and free from grease. Use nanoShell Universal Cleaner as a final clean.
2.  Application
•  can be applied by hand, with brushes, rollers or a non-absorbent lint free cloth. It can also be dipped using dipping tanks.
•  For best results spray using HVLP systems. Both options undertaken until a thin layer of protection is visible.
Spray gun: e.g. SATA minijet HVLP
Working pressure: ca. 2–3 bar
Nozzles: 0.8–1.3 mm
Several thin layers with little material feeding
The spray gun can be cleaned with n-butyl acetate, for example.
3.  Curing
The coating is surface dry after 30 minutes, curing at room temperature. Complete curing will take 7 days at room temperature. An alternative is to bake the coating at 150 °C - 200 °C for 1-2 hours.
All equipment (spraying devices, pads etc.) have to be clean and dry before use and reuse is only recommended upon careful cleaning. After use they can be cleaned with thinner and dried with a towel.
Perma-Protector must be applied at an ambient temperature of at least + 5 °C and a relative humidity of 30 %-80%. Avoid direct sunlight! Apply the coating in dry conditions and never in rain. The coating is applied with an applicator. Any mistakes can be rectified within approx. 10 min of application. After this the repellent effect of Perma-Protector makes it impossible to apply another coat.
The average coverage is 10-15 ml/m 2 and this should not be significantly exceeded. During application, only small quantities should be decanted from the original container into the application container.
Residues of unused Perma-Protector should not be returned from the application container to the original
container. Traces of water in the applicator should also be avoided. Applicators dampened with water should not be used. If dirt appears on the applicators during coating, they should be replaced with clean applicators to avoid dirt entering the Perma-Protector coating. The applicators cannot be reused once the coating has been applied. If the solution in the application container solidifies or a deposit forms, it can no longer be used. Solutions that are no longer useable must be disposed of properly.
Perma-Protector is dry-to-touch after about one hour. The recommended curing conditions (until water resistant) are:

  • Room temperature: 8–12 hours
  • 80 °C: two hours
  • 30 °C – 180 °C: one hour
  • Curing for one hour at 200˚C will provide an approx. hardness rating of 9H


nanoShell Permanent Protector is supplied ready to use.
You will need to apply around 10-15ml/m2 of surface.
That means 1 litre will clean and protect up to 100m2 of surface.


Q1: How do I apply the product?
Apply nanoShell Permanent Protector direct from the container using a lint free cloth, brushes or rollers. The product can also be applied using dipping tanks. For best results we suggest HVLP.
Q2: How Much do I need?
Between 10-15ml/m2. So 1 litre will protect up to 100m2 of surface area.
Q3: How long does it take to cure?
It is dry to the touch within 60 minutes. It will be water resistant within 12 hours at room temperature and fully cured in 5-7 days at room temperature. Curing can be speeded up with heat.  Full curing can take place in as little as 1 hour based on curing at 200 °C
Q4: Is it safe to Apply?
nanoShell Permanent Protector is an industrial grade coating and is therefore potentially dangerous to handle being a corrosive and flammable.  It is safe to handle and use with the correct PPE stated on page 7 of the Safety Data Sheet’ including; respiratory equipment, eye protection, hand, skin and body protection. Please read the Safety Data Sheet and follow its instructions before using the product.
Q5: How long will it last?
nanoShell Permanent Protector is a permanent coating and can last for up to 20 years in terms of its functionality. Life span will be reduced in more environmentally harsh conditions such as marine or in areas of high corrosion, however the coating will still perform far longer than traditional industrial coatings currently utilised.
Q6: Does the coating reduce friction?
Yes. It products a highly hydrophobic reduced friction coating. This means improvements in performance in the water, land or air due to reduced water and wind forces on the surface of that surface.
Q7: Do I need to clean or maintain the surface differently once the coating is applied?
You should need to clean and maintain the surface far less frequently than before the coating was applied.
Surfaces coated with Perma-Protector should be cleaned with cleaners in the pH range 3–12. Strong (mineral) acids or alkalis should be avoided and are also unnecessary as neutral cleaners are generally sufficient to clean vehicles coated with Perma-Protector. Graffiti should always be removed from the coated surfaces as soon as possible. Conventional graffiti removers can be used.