Glass Protector

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nanoShell Glass Protector is an easy to apply hydrophobic coating for glass and glazed surfaces to help prevent against water, salt, dirt and general pollution from sticking to the surface, creating an easy to clean surface. It is suitable for all types of glazing including; glazing, glass cladding, curtain walling, glazed ceramics. The product is very easy to apply and requires no polishing or buffing, simply apply and wash off with clean water to produce a hard wearing, reduced stick, easy to clean, hydrophobic surface coating.
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  • Creates a Hydrophobic surface on the glass
  • Clear, colourless solvent based liquid
  • Reduced stick for easy clean
  • Contains alcohol for long term protection
  • Frost resistant
  • Can be applied from -25 °C to +80 °C


  • Generates an invisible protective layer on the surface of the glass
  • Creates a hydrophobic “self-cleaning” glass surface with the effects of rainwater
  • Lasts for up to 3 years depending on local environmental conditions
  • Helps prevent bird fouling and other heavy soiling from sticking to the glass surface
  • Is resistant to seawater and salty air
  • Can be applied in direct sunlight
  • Treated surfaces require low maintenance and only water to clean.
  • Is supplied ready to use and easy to apply
  • Resists salts and alkalis


nanoShell Glass Protector is easy to apply. Before application it is important to makes sure the surface is clean and free from oil and grease.
Following this, all cleaning detergents should be thoroughly rinsed away and the surface manually or naturally left to dry.
For best results use Isopropyl Alcohol to finally clean over the surface of the glass using a small circular motion. The Isopropyl alcohol has a very good cleaning effect and does not leave any residues on the glass surface.

  1.  Clean the glass thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol.
  2.  Rub the glass dry with a clean dry cloth.
  3.  Apply nanoShell Glass Protector over the glass surface using the cross hatch method applying vertical then horizontal strokes. Approximately 15-20ml/m2 should be applied. A clear fog should be visible and ensure all areas are covered.
  4. Wait for a minimum of 20 minutes. This ensures the coating can create a strong bond with the glass. This is a crucial step to a successful application.
  5.  Polish out with a clean microfibre cloth. DO NOT use the same cloth that you coated the glass with.
  6. The application is complete once all fog has been removed. Please note that the more product you use, the more polishing is required. Less really is More!
  7.  The coating will be cured within 2 hours.


nanoShell Glass Protector is used undiluted. You will need to apply around 15-20ml/m2 of glass. That means 1 litre will protect around 50-60m2 of glazing.


Q1: How do I apply the product?
Apply direct from container using a lint free cloth in circular motions. Once applied, leave on for 5 minutes and wash the entire surface with water to remove the excess material.
Q2: How Much do I need?
Between 15-20ml/m2. So, 1 litre can protect up to 60m2 of glass surface.
Q3: How long does it take to cure?
IT cures within a few minutes and is fully cured within 2 hours.
Q4: Is it safe to Apply?
nanoShell Glass is classed as Dangerous Goods. It is safe to handle with the correct PPE; namely protective gloves, protective clothing, eye goggles and a face mask. Please read the Safety Data Sheet and follow its instructions before using the product.
Q5: Will it stop my windows getting dirty?
Not entirely. There is no magic solution to keep glazing permanently clean. Our coating creates a hydrophobic surface in the same way that a self-clean coating applied to glazing at the manufacture stage will function. The hydrophobic surface reduces the ability of dirt and grime to stick to the glass surface and also makes more of this dirt fall away with the action of rainwater on the glass surface. This means windows are cleaned easier, using only water and require less frequent cleaning intervals than before. However, in time of no rainfall dirt will continue to accumulate all be it at a reduced extent due to the reduced stick modified glass surface.
Q6: Do I need to clean the windows differently once the coating is applied?
You should need to clean the widows less frequently. But when they are cleaned you will only need water to clean. No detergents. In fact detergents will break down the coating requiring reapplication.