Fabric Protector


nanoShell Fabric Protector is a revolutionary water based easy to use hydrophobic coating that will protect fabric, leather and suede from water and staining.


  • Creates a stain free waterproof surface material
  • Fully Hydrophobic
  • Clear, colourless liquid that leaves no white residues
  • Easy to apply; spray on and dry
  • Water based for safety and easy of handling
  • Can be applied from +5°C to +30°C


  • Generates an invisible surface protection
  • Creates a hydrophobic fabric and leather surface that resists water and staining
  • Long lasting for up to 3 years
  • Is supplied ready to use and easy to apply. Simply spray on and leave to dry
  • Protect leather and suede from the staining effects of rainwater and moisture
  • Will prevent liquids and wine from staining fabrics and materials around the house and vehicle


Fabric or leather to be treated should be dry and clean in order to ensure adequate absorption of the solution. For best results apply to new fabric (after an initial small test patch has been undertaken). Dirt and grease must be removed. Water absorbed during cleaning must be allowed to dry so that the material is completely dry before application begins. If water is present, the coating will not be allowed to penetrate and deliver the nano-particles deep into the material.
During application, the outside temperature and the temperature of the material should be within the operating range of +5 °C to +30 °C.
nanoShell Fabric Protector should not come into contact with water before or during application and during curing. If this occurs, then the area should be fully dried and the process repeated.
nanoShell Fabric Protector should be applied evenly to the fabric or leather using spray, brush, roller or dipping, until the surface becomes wet. The process can be repeated immediately after (wet on wet) to ensure enough product soaks into the material. If the first coat is allowed to soak in and starts to cure, then this may prevent the second coat from penetrating and there is a risk the surface will get darker as the will collect on the top layer of the material and be prevented from penetrating.
After final application, the material should be allowed to cure for a period of 6 - 12 hours. However, this can be dependent on current climate and atmospheric conditions, quantity and absorbency of the treated material. With high humidity, an extension of drying time of several hours should be allowed.


nanoShell Fabric Protector is used undiluted. The amount to be applied is between 50-100ml/m2.

  • Leathers @ 50ml/m2 – 1 litre will protect 20m2 of material
  • Suedes @75ml/m2 – 1 litre will protect around 13.3m2 of material
  • Fabrics @ 100ml/m2 – 1 litre will protect around 10m2 of material
  • Carpets and rugs – These have far longer strands of fabric so can use in excess of 200ml/m2


Q1: How do I apply the product?
Apply direct from container using spray, brushes, rollers or dipping.
Q2: How Much do I need?
Between 50-200ml/m2 depending on how porous the material is. See Coverage tab.
Q3: How long does it take to cure?
Normally between 6-12 hours. However, this can be reduced to as little as 2-3 hours in hotter climates and temperatures.
Q4: Is it safe to Apply?
Yes. It is water based so safe to handle. It can be a mild irritant to the eyes or skin so we always recommend using safety goggles and gloves for the application. Please read the Safety Data Sheet for full details.
Q5: Will it change the color or feel of the fabric?
No. It will leave an invisible hydrophobic coating that will resist fluids and staining.
But for safety we always recommend doing a test patch first as there is always a risk of a small color change or reaction with chemicals in some fabrics.
Q6: How long will it last?
It can last up to 3 years. This is dependant on use and exposure to the elements.
Q6: Can I wash the fabric once protected?
Yes if it is an article of clothing you can wash in a cold or 30 degree cycle. The washing will slowly remove the coating as the detergents will break it down so you may need to reapply after washing.
For footwear and other non-clothing items, washing the fabric or material over with small amounts of clean water will remove any dirt and staining.