The Benefits of Nano Coatings

From Basement Waterproofing and Stone Sealer to Timber Treatment and Rust Proofing

nanoShell protective coatings are formulated using revolutionary scientific advances in nanotechnology. 

Our invisible coatings combine a complex Silane coupling agent with our secret bonding components taken from the purest natural resources. The nano particles are delivered in a transport medium such as alcohol and naphtha.

As soon as the performance coating product is applied on the substrate to treat, the transport material brings the nano particles into and onto the substrate where a chemical reaction with the pores and capillaries or the surface takes place. The transport material evaporates leaving only the nano particles that are “welded together” with the substrate, creating an incredibly hard long term protection be it a nano coating or impregnation based protection.

The future is clean: the future is nanoShell

The frequent maintenance and cleaning that is everyday in our lives is now eliminated, saving time, money and effort.

nanoShell's performance coatings...

  • provide a clear, colourless invisible coating, waterproofing the surface to prevent damage, discolouration and rotting.
  • improve hygiene of surfaces by providing an anti-bacterial hygienic protective coating to areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, hotels and public places.
  • resist salt and UV damage and fouling, ideal for boats, cars, trucks, busses; all types of vehicles to protect painted surfaces, Glass and Metals.
  • are non toxic, sustainable protective coatings, using all natural ingredients and 100% biodegradable with no damage to the environment.
  • provide timber treatment and stone impregnation which lasts from 10 - 25 years while protective coatings for solar panels, metals and glass last from 2 - 5 years.


nanoShell's performance coatings save time, effort, energy and cost improving a company’s carbon footprint and efficiency.
Jonathan Abdilla – Managing Director - nanoShell
nanoShell products have always performed as well or better than we expected and we enthusiastically demonstrate and recommend them to our clients for all nanotechnology coating solutions.
Dave Maddocks, Ecoguard Limited

Our protective nano coatings

A new range of high performance protective coatings that can be applied to protect a wide variety of surfaces that make up your environment from stone, wood, glass and metal to solar panels.


The Benefits of Nano Coatings

nanoShell cannot guarantee results as we have no control over the conditions under which our products are applied.