Flood Protection and Waterproofing of 19th Century Stone Cottage

nanoShell's stone waterproofing team recently completed the flood protection treatment of a 19th century family cottage in Somerset. The property was subject to several floods in the past 20 years and the owners were keen to prevent further upset.

Thu 1st Sep 2016

nanoShell Wood Protection for Cabot Circus Bristol

The application of nanoShell Wood is a known benefit for providing a long lasting protection to timber materials which does not affect the texture or natural colour of the wood.

Mon 1st Nov 2010

nanoShell's Wood Sealer Provides Timber Protection and Prevents Mould Re-growth in Bristol

In November 2010, we applied nanoShell Wood, our timber treatment protective coatings, to a 60sqm area of oak cladding at Quaker Friars, Cabot Circus Bristol as part of a 4 month trial. You can read all about the project here: Our follow up meeting took place in early July with the contractor who originally applied nanoShell's wood sealer to the test area. The findings were incredibly encouraging as no mould growth had occurred on the treated timbers throughout the harsh conditions of this winter and spring.

Fri 19th Nov 2010

Testing nanoShell Stone impregnation: clean, protected stone surfaces after 3.5 years!

In May 2008, we tested nanoShell Stone S on a bench made from poured concrete. The stone impregnation protective coating was applied to the left half of the bench while the right half was left untreated. After 3.5 years, the half of the bench treated with our stone protection coating nanoShell Stone S shows no visible change of the surfaces material, structure and colour. In addition, no signs of abrasion are present although the test object is exposed to all forms of weather throughout the year. This means sunlight (UV-light), rain, wind and a minimum 3 months of frost with ice and occasional snow (heavy snow in 2010!).

Tue 20th May 2008

nanoShell’s Stone Sealer Provides Basement Waterproofing Solution

We were called in by a client who lived in a four-storey 250 year old solid stone property, which was previously used as naval stores. The upper floors had been refurbished and dry-lined 10 years ago, however the basement was never waterproofed and just painted over. As a result, over the last 10 years the water and damp had forced the paint to come away and fall onto the basement floor making the space unusable for storage or as a workshop. The second photo below shows the state of the basement on first inspection with high moisture and damp content and the paint coming away from the stonework. The owner wanted to keep the existing solid stone walling and brick ceiling within the basement and not install a conventional membrane system that would have been finished with a dry lining plasterboard wall finish. nanoShell were called in and provided a basement waterproofing report and option to treat the basement with our stone sealer nanoShell Stone S Application of the waterproofing spray would not only prevent moisture and damp from passing through into the internal basement but also allow the existing brick and stone detailing to remain.

Thu 21st Sep 2017

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Our high performance nano technology coatings provide easy treatment and unrivalled long term protection for most surface materials from stone and concrete, to wood, through to metals, plastics, glass and solar panels. We believe in creating better future environments with surfaces that perform better for longer without losing any cosmetic appearance and that require far less effort and cost to maintain over the long term for many years to come. We are proud of our achievements and want to share our nano coatings’ success stories with people around the world!

Sun 5th Jan 2014

Wood Sealer Performance Coatings Protect Cedar Clad Glamping Huts

The recent phenomenon of glamping has seen the development of a number of different types of camping accommodation. These include yurts and teepees for canvas accommodation with wooden huts for that more solid and cosy feel.

Sat 5th Feb 2011

Sea Front Cleaning with nanoShell Stone Sealer Protective Coating

nanoShell's waterproofing and flood protection team recently completed the cleaning and treating of two areas of a well known West Country Sea Front that were causing concern: members of the public were slipping and experiencing injury due to excessive weed and algae growth.

Mon 21st Sep 2015

nanoShell Stone scores excellent results following BRE testing

Aquobex, one of the UK’s leading Flood Management Companies and an approved Nationwide installer of nanoShell commissioned BRE (Buildings Research Establishment) to test and establish the performance of nanoShell Stone.

Sat 20th Jan 2018

Flood Protection and Waterproofing of 19th Century Stone Cottage

nanoShell have completed the flood protection treatment of a 19th century family cottage in Somerset. The property was subject to several floods in the past 20 years and the owners were keen to prevent further upset.

Sat 20th Jan 2018

Testing of nanoShell’s Wood Sealer Protective Coating in Santa Barbara marina, California

Testing of nanoShell Wood Protective Coating in Santa Barbara marina, California We applied nanoShell Wood to the existing teak deck of a 50 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey Yacht. The boat was 5 years old and the teak had weathered significantly in the hot, sunny and often moist conditions of the marina in California. Boat teak is generally a delicate surface to maintain, requiring frequent oiling to keep the lustre of the natural wood and prevent it discolouring and being weathered by the sun, sea and salty conditions. With the nature of the material it is frowned upon to varnish or apply a lacquer to the teak surface in order to maintain it. The “natural” untreated look of the teak is paramount in this situation for boat owners and all that can be done to maintain the material using standard timber care products is to routinely oil the teak. This is both a time consuming and laborious job required normally every 3-4 months in sunny climes.

Sat 20th Jan 2018

nanoShell's Glass Coatings Prevent Rain From Sticking to Windscreen

nanoShell's Glass Hydrophobic Coating

Mon 22nd Jan 2018


We've recently completed a application of nanoShell Metal to clean and protect Stainless Steel pillars as shown which were begining to show signs of rust due to airbourne pollutants including brake dust from passing heavy goods veichles and general traffic.

Thu 21st Jun 2018

nanoShell Stone S 5 YEARS & COUNTING!

nanoShell Stone S Test - 5 Years on!

Mon 1st Oct 2018