Our Future Environment

Performance Coatings:
Proofing, Prevention, Preservative.

Using nanoShell means your current environment, building, boat, vehicle, interior and exterior surfaces last longer. 

Not only do nanoShell protective coatings eliminate water absorption, they also protect surfaces hygienically. The silicon (Si, 14) nano particles, (not to be confused with the silicon-containing synthetic polymer silicone) chemically bond to the surfaces to form an incredibly hard protective layer that drastically reduces corrosion by water and dissolved salts, extending your materials useful life and reducing replacement costs.

In addition the surface is far more hygienic. Bacteria is prevented from attaching itself to the surface material as the nano particles create an impenetrable barrier on plastic, metal, glassceramicwood, and PV cell surfaces. Imagine coating your ceramic floors, bathroom tiling and screens, toilets basins and baths, kitchen surfaces with a simple protective coating that will eliminate mould, mildew and bacteria from sticking and penetrating the surface.


nanoShell Perfomance Coatings

nanoShell sustains the performance and appearance of your surfaces reducing hygiene risks and excessive environmental waste, creating significant savings in energy, time and costs.

There is no need for constant re-application as the nanoShell performance coatings can last up to 25 years depending on the product used.

nanoShell is truly a green product.

At nanoShell we believe in creating better future environments with surfaces that perform better for longer without losing any cosmetic appearance.

Jonathan Abdilla – Managing Director - nanoShell


Our Protective Nano Coatings

A new range of high performance coatings that can be applied to protect a wide variety of surfaces that make up your environment from stone to wood, metal and glass to solar panels.

nanoShell cannot guarantee results as we have no control over the conditions under which our products are applied.