Surface coating experts in nano technology

The nanoShell range of performance nano coatings have been developed to protect all types of surfaces from stone and wood to glass and solar panels, metal and grp, to textiles and leathers. These revolutionary new nano coatings work at a molecular level to seal and protect the surfaces, often modifying that surface  to providing a far more effective protective layer that lasts far longer than traditional coatings and lacquers.
Our manufacturing process provides ultimate and discrete protection that both protect and enhance your assets with sustainability benefits for years to come.
We are constantly researching to improve and develop new products to protect what we own and cherish. We have earned recognition from global organisations, leading to us winning Innovation in Protective Coatings – UK 2017.
We recognise that it is becoming more and more important for businesses and domestic owners to consider how to manage and maintain their property and assets; effectively, efficiently and sustainably. nanoShell is constantly researching and pushing the envelope of cutting edge nano technology, delivering the best and most cost effective protective nano coatings to our clients and business partners around the world. Our extensive resources can help you establish, implement and integrate nanotechnology surface protection within your business and environment to provide aesthetic and cost improvements.

“nanoShell makes a real difference to how we can protect and manage and maintain our assets. Our organisation is committed to improving the efficiency and performance of our clients and partners property and environments”
Jonathan Abdilla - Managing Director - nanoShell

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