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Surface Nano Coating Specialists in nanoTechnology

nanoShell is a UK owned company with the ability to deliver cutting edge nano coatings and impregnators to clients in any part of the world.

Our extensive resources and consultants can collaborate with you to establish, implement and  integrate nanotechnology surface protections within your business and environment to provide aesthetic and cost improvements to your business

nanoShell is the future in high performance coatings and surface treatments. The nanoShell range of protective coating products have been developed to provide high performance surface coatings solutions that will last for many years to come.

Our high performance nano coatings can protect a number of different surfaces by acting as glass coatings, wood sealer and stone impregnation, as well as providing rust proofing.

We also provide basement waterproofing and basement tanking flood protection solutions for home owners and businesses suffering from seasonal water damage.

We have truly harnessed the power of nanotechnology into a range of safe, reliable, trustworthy products that are designed specifically for each type of surface.

We recognise that it is becoming more and more important to consider how businesses and domestic environments are performing in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

nanoShell is constantly researching and pushing the envelope of cutting edge nanotechnology, delivering the best and most cost effective solutions to our clients, business partners and retail networks.

We believe in our products and in their contribution to safer, more hygienic and sustainable environments.

nanoShell makes a real difference to how we live and work. Our organisation is committed to improving the performance of our clients and partners’ environments.
Jonathan Abdilla – Managing Director - nanoShell


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nanoShell cannot guarantee results as we have no control over the conditions under which our products are applied.