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11% more efficient Photo Voltaic panels with nanoShell Solar PV coating

11% more efficient Photo Voltaic panels with nanoShell Solar PV coating

19th July 2011

Independent tests of nanoShell Solar PV have shown a 10.72% improvement of the efficiency of photo voltaic panels (PV) after only 12 days.

Working with a Devon based independent solar specialist and MCS installer, nanoShell have been monitoring the performance of PV panels following the application of our Solar Panel Coatings to their glass lenses. Four, similarly performing, high quality panels were identified for the test. The nano coating was applied to two panels leaving the other two as the control group. Over the first twelve days, of predominantly clear and dry weather, the cumulative output from the control group was 617.75Wh whilst the panels coated with nanoShell Solar PV produced 684Wh, an increase in efficiency of 10.72%.

Mr. Jonathan Abdilla, Managing Director of nanoShell said "We are really pleased with these results. We knew from tests performed in Germany that nanoShell Solar PV improves the efficiency of photo voltaic cells but now we have independent UK based figures to back it up”. He went on to say “We haven't seen the best from nanoShell Solar PV yet". Mr. Abdilla was referring to the fact that nanoShell Solar PV protective coatings provide even greater efficiency gains over time and during inclement weather conditions.

nanoShell Solar PV improves efficiency of photo voltaic and solar thermal panels in three ways; Anti-wetting, Dirt reduction and Reduced light reflection.

1) Anti-Wetting

Solar panels rely on light passing through their glass lenses to be converted into heat or energy. Water which is sat on the lenses distorts and reflects light thus reducing efficiency. The invisible coatings' hydrophobic effect stops water pooling on the lenses. If the lenses are vertically angled, as in solar panels, the water runs away even more efficiently, reducing the loss effect.

2) Dirt removal

nanoShell Solar PV provides a non-toxic, bio-degradable, protective coating to solar panel glass lenses. This effectively “smoothes” glass, thus reducing its "sticky effect". Not only does water find it difficult to stick to the coated glass, so does dust and other debris such as bird faeces. When it rains, aided by the hydrophobic effect of the invisible coating, this water “washes” the dirt and debris away and off the surface of the panels, allowing more light to penetrate and so making them more efficient than un-coated lenses. The added benefit is that the solar panels require significantly less maintenance in terms of surface care.

3) Reduced Reflection

The nano coatings reduce the amount of light lost through reflection by “smoothing” the glass surface, filling in the uneven surface of the glass and reducing its contact capillary size. This means more light can penetrate from increasingly obtuse angles, so the panels stay more efficient for a larger part of the day.

Mr Abdilla adds "We can't wait to fully launch nanoShell Solar PV across the UK. The results will be even better with the more traditional British weather of frequent rain and clouds. In Germany we saw improvements of up to 30% in heavy rain and cloudy conditions. This makes nanoShell Solar PV a 'must have' for anyone who has installed or is planning to install photo voltaic cells.“

When asked about the application of the product he said “It's really easy to apply nanoShell Solar PV, just like cleaning a window in fact. Simply clean your panels with soapy water. Rinse off and let them dry. Then, in a circular motion, apply the coating with a lint free cloth as though you were applying polish to a surface. Any excess is then polished off with a clean cloth and you are done”. In terms of maintenance he adds “The coating is non-toxic and bio-degradable. It should be re-applied every 4 to 5 years”.

Mr Abdilla justifies the purchase by adding “At approximately £60 per Kw, it costs just 2% of a typical £3,000 per Kw PV installation, but provides a 10% improvement. I would expect nanoShell Solar PV to reduce by approximately a year the typical 7 year payback. Not only that but, based on a typical installation of 3kW the efficiency gains will produce extra income of £7000. In the next few months, the continuing performance figure should show a much larger gain in efficiency up to 30% providing extra returns three times greater than these figures quoted!

Therefore, nanoShell Solar PV provides a fantastic, environmentally friendly, return on Solar Investment."

For more information about how nanoShell Solar PV protective coatings can help you, please contact us or call 0845 838 8648.

nanoShell cannot guarantee results as we have no control over the conditions under which our products are applied.