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An easy-to-apply, non-stick, Glass coating for self-cleaning glass and self-cleaning ceramics To buy now: email quoting Glass15

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Protective Coatings. Waterproofing Spray. Nano Coatings

Waterproofing Spray for Protective Coatings

nanoShell is a new range of protective coatings that can be applied to provide protection in the form of  stone sealers and impregnatorswood preservatives and rust prevention, in addition to specialised self-cleaning glass coatings, and nano coatings for metals, plastics and solar panels.

When you protect your environment with nanoShell's performance coatings, water will not be able to penetrate; dirt, fouling, pollutants and living organisms will no longer be able to stick or survive on the surfaces.

A surface treated with our nano coatings can be cleaned with very little effort and with no need for harmful cleaning agents. External surfaces, such as glass and solar panels will appear self-cleaning with every down pour of rain.

Surfaces will last longer and look newer for the duration of the nanoShell treatment. We have created a range of truly sustainable performance coatings for most surfaces.

Our protective coatings for stone, wood, metal, glass and solar panels rely on using our waterproofing spray technology.

Simply applying nanoShell's protective coatings will save you energy, time and money.

Sealers, Preservatives & Proofing Coatings

Our  ingredients provide a high performance coatings surface that is environmentally friendly. All nanoShell products are 100% biodegradable and our nano coatings outperform traditional protective coatings across all measures as well as stone and flood protection.

nanoShell's performance coatings are free from silicone or any other sealing product that would prevent the treated porous materials from breathing. The invisible coatings prevent water and pollutants from entering the surface material while air molecules can pass through; this eliminates problems with damp when sealing.

Only high quality natural ingredients have been used in the production of the nano coatings from nanoShell so no specialist safety equipment is required to apply the range of performance products.

nanoShell's performance coatings deliver long lasting protection:



Invisible Nano Coatings Protection

nanoShell is formulated using revolutionary scientific advances in nanotechnology.

Once nanoShell's performance coatings are applied, the delivery medium starts to evaporate to leave the nano particles that are "welded together" with the substrate. This creates an incredibly hard, long-lasting protection that is unrivalled compared to traditional protective coatings.

  • Invisible Coatings: clear, colourless & waterproof, the coatings last for up to 25 years
  • Performance Coatings prevent water damage, mould, salt and UV damage and much more
  • Flood Protection: improve the thermal efficiency of stone and masonry by preventing water ingress
  • Nano Coatings are non toxic, 100% biodegradable with no damage to the environment
  • Self-cleaning properties eliminate the need for cleaning chemicals
  • Protective Coatings maintain the natural look of the surface for longer
  • Improved hygiene – bacteria can no longer penetrate

nanoShell is ready to use and easy to apply in a single coat.

nanoShell cannot guarantee results as we have no control over the conditions under which our products are applied.